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GenSure Brief

I.  Company profile           

GenSure Biotech Inc., established in 2016, is located in Shijiazhuang Economic and Technological Development Zone.           

The DFCTM near-infrared fluorescence immunoassay platform, the independent intellectual property rights of GenSure, can realize one-step operation, intelligent recognition, rapid diagnosis in 15 minutes and compatible detection of more than 60 immune markers, which is not only suitable for rapid diagnosis of bedside critical diseases in large and medium-sized hospitals, but also suitable for immunoassay and detection in laboratory departments of small and medium-sized hospitals, as well as for primary hospital. Until April 2020, we had obtained more than 40 NMPA certified medical device certificates, and has become one of the top complete POCT product lines in China.

GenSure pays high attention to the investment in product R&D. The R&D team has more than 20 years of rich experience in POCT development, and now has nearly 20 R&D backbones including returnees, biotechnology Masters and Doctors. The R&D team is energetic and has strong innovation ability in technology output. The company has declared more than 10 invention patents and approved 2. It has various honors, such as Provincial R&D centers, National technology-based small and medium-size Enterprise, and National High-tech Enterprises, and responsible for some key R&D projects in Hebei Province.

Following the concept of "Science and Technology benefit human beings", GenSure
is always at the leading edge of POCT, providing a good experience for customers with high-quality products.

In GenSure, we deeply believe in professional, respect, trust and leadership. We are committed to becoming a company that deserve our pride for it in whole life.

In GenSure, core value of professional is customer satisfaction. We have been working hard to understand our customers' needs and then turn them into our challenges - a belief that motivates our daily work and will be reflected in every link of product design, production, promotion and sales. Professional also means rich expertise, competitiveness, honesty, integrity, self-discipline, external image, team spirit and the ability to learn constantly.

Respect and trust           
We fully respect and trust our employees, customers and partners. We firmly believe that every employee represents the company, and only when we respect and trust our employees, will our employees respect and trust our customers.

We believe that every individual is important. We encourage and help each employee to grow into a leader. In GenSure, leadership means enlightening and influencing others to strive for their goals, as well as being brave to take responsibility. Leadership comes from its own influence, not related with authorization or power. As a company, we make great
efforts to become one of the internationalized leading enterprises in the industry, and constantly expand our social responsibility to improve the leadership of the enterprise.

II.  Product Classification           

1. Children respiratory infectious disease detection series;           
2. Series of infection diagnosis and detection;           
3. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular detection series;           
4. Reproductive health and hormone detection series;           
5. Gastric disease detection series;           
6. Tumor detection series;