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Gensure Biotech novel coronavirus detection kit project

GenSure Biotech novel coronavirus latex detection kit project was approved through the provincial key research and development plan
     On February 7, 2020, led by the Second Hospital of Hebei Medical University, Hebei GenSure Biotech Inc., and Hebei Provincial CDC, as the focus of cooperation units in the key R & D project of Hebei Province, “Research and Development of Rapid Test Methods of Novel Coronavirus and Clinical Epidemiological Studies" was approved. The project focused on the rapid diagnosis technology of the novel coronavirus and epidemiological research. At present, GenSure Biotech cooperated with Academy of Military Medical Sciences, which had developed the COVID-19 latex test kit. Based on this, it actively cooperates with the Second Hospital of the Medical University to further complete the clinical trials of the product.
Gensure Biotech novel coronavirus detection kit project(图1)
     In order to fight the battle of epidemic prevention,control and strengthen the support of epidemic prevention and technology, on February 6, Science And Technology Department Of Hebei Province to tackle the emergency scientific research project on the prevention and control of pneumonia epidemic caused by novel coronavirus.Among the 54 anti-epidemic research and development needs, 11 were selected for scientific research,the above items are one of the 11 items selected.
     After the COVID-19 outbreak, GenSure Biotech rapid response, joint Military Academy Of Medical Sciences, concentrated elite strength for technical research and rapid developed "Novel coronavirus 2019 - nCoV IgM antibody detection kit (emulsion)", the product is an on-site rapid detection product, focusing on meeting the emergency needs of on-site rapid detection of coronavirus 2019-nCoV, achieving rapid diagnosis of suspected patients and on-site screening of people in close contact.
     After product launch, participants' blood samples available in 10 minutes to the naked eye will determine whether infection coronavirus 2019 - nCoV, without equipment, simple operation, rapid interpretation, low requirement to the testing environment, to some extent, overcome the defect of the current DNA kit, available for the prevention and control at the  first-line grass-roots level to use.It provides a rapid and timely screening method for the screening of coronavirus 2019-ncov infection, is an extremely effective supplementary means of epidemic surveillance at present, to control the outbreak, strive for more time to win the battle.

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