Analysis Item English Abbreviation Clinical Application Sample Type Linearity Range
Whole Range C Reactive Protein (hypersensitive CRP + CRP) hsCRP+CRP Cardiovascular inflammations
and conventional inflammations
 Whole blood, serum and plasma   0.5~200.0mg/L
C-Reactive Protein/Serum Amyloid Protein A CRP/SAA Bacterial and virus inflammation identification  Whole blood, serum and plasma Same as various individual items
Procalcitonin PCT Guide on pyosepticemia, bacterial infection and use of antibiotics  Whole blood, serum and plasma 0.1~50ng/mL
Serum Amyloid Protein A SAA Inflammations and adenovirus infections  Whole blood, serum and plasma 5~250mg/L
Interleukin 6 IL-6 Inflammations, coronary heart disease, and cardiovascular inflammations  Whole blood, serum and plasma 10~4000pg/mL
Heparin Binding Protein HBP Local infections and septicopyemia  Whole blood, serum and plasma 5~300ng/mL
Tumor Necrosis Factor α TNFα Inflammations, and autoimmune diseases  Whole blood, serum and plasma 10~1000pg/mL
Fungal 1,3-β-D Glucan Fungal 1,3-β-D glucan Fungal infections  Whole blood, serum and plasma 10~500pg/mL

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