Production operators (now hiring 30)
Healthy body, the industrious.
Contact phone number: 18633825527, 18603215230
Medical equipment sales
College degree or above, relevant working experience is preferred.
Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for extended diagnostic reagent market, develop new customers, complete personal sales, cash collection target, understand the product information and dynamic market.
2. Through the rational way to develop market customers; Active contact with customers, build customer file.
3. Actively explore the market, complete personal sales and collection results.
4. The pre-market after-sales service, to accept customer complaints and feedback, and timely report; Good tracking service every customer, do all the customer information must be in the day to give a reply.
5. Deal with each customer order, receive the goods on time delivery and tracking to customer safety; In charge of his hand to the customer's payment for goods in time.
Equipment maintenance personnel
Maintenance of equipment, air conditioning, electrical certificates and relevant work experience is preferred.
Resume please post to: hbjssw001@163.com